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First Impressions: Tenchi wo Kurau II – Shokatsu Koumei Den

Posted by Tracy Poff on September 24, 2006

An RPG, and one that actually seems pretty cool.


After a very lengthy opening, we find ourselves in the castle:


Upon leaving the building, we gain two party members, and begin to explore the town. One issue I found was that although everyone starts with equipment, it’s not equipped, so you have to equip five items to each character, one at a time. An equip all feature would have been nice, but I guess you only have to do it once.



The graphics are actually pretty good for an NES game, as you see when walking around the town and then entering the world map.

I didn’t play all the way through this, but it looks good so I probably will. One thing of note is that you don’t have hit points in this game. Instead, you are (nominally) commanding an army, so you lose troops when attacked, and your damage is dependent on how many troops you have left. Strangely enough, though, herbs still ‘heal’ you and a revive still restores you to full ‘health.’ Possibly the designers weren’t thinking it through very carefully. The battle screen is reminiscent of Final Fantasy:


When you win battles, you gain experience, and your army levels up. You gain some kind of skills, but I haven’t played enough to see what they do yet.

Verdict: This seems like a good game. The graphics are nice and the battle system, while simple, is reasonably good. If it continues as it has begun, this game will probably be worth playing through.

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