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Walkthrough: Super Scribblenauts – Constellation 1

Posted by Tracy Poff on April 9, 2011

What follows is a walkthrough for first constellation of Super Scribblenauts. Of course, being a puzzle game, figuring out the solutions for yourself is most of the fun, so I suggest playing the game before reading this. You can refer to it if you’re stuck or if you want to see what I came up with.

This constellation contains eleven levels, eight of which have an advanced mode.


Which one is the real starite?

This one’s easy. Just create an axe to chop the tree down, or a ladder to climb, and grab the red striped star.


Place an object with similar characteristics in the empty box to complete the puzzle!

What’s similar to a plesiosaurus and a giraffe? Something with a long neck! This is the first puzzle with an advanced mode, so you’ll need three solutions. Try goose, zebra, and horse. Or maybe a zombie swan if you’re feeling the Halloween spirit.


Pit stop! The car needs replacement parts to get back on track!

Any car parts will do for this one. Have the car drive away with a new axle, steering wheel, and tire to complete the advanced mode.


Kick off the beach party!

You’ll need pairs of beach-related items to solve this puzzle. The two items don’t have to go together, though. To solve the advanced mode, try these six: barbecue, sunblock, umbrella, swimsuit, surf board, and volleyball. If you want to bring a frisbee along, you’ll have to call it a flying disc so you won’t get sued.


Help the step-brothers become friends! Their love of sports will bring them together.

It’s pairs again for this puzzle, but this time the two items must belong to a single sport. You can pick your favorites, but football and football helmet, baseball and bat, and hockey stick and puck will do.


Create a new extinction event without weapons or asteroids!

This is the first really fun puzzle, not because it’s difficult, but because you get to exercise your creativity. Try whatever interests you. A flood, disease, or volcano will make room for humans to rule the Earth. Or, for a more man-made disaster, pollution will do the trick. The key is that it has to be global–just making a lion to kill them one at a time won’t do!


Provide a home for each creature!

Another multipart puzzle: you’ll need one home for each of the three creatures, or nine total for the advanced mode. The mountain climber will be happy to live in a log cabin, tent, or just a plain house. The friendly tiger likes the jungle or savanna, but a zoo will do (or even a cage in a pinch). For the cow, a field, pasture, or farm will all work.


The boy froze! Help him!

To melt the boy’s frozen heart (and the rest of his body besides), you’ll need something warm. A fire will work, as will a radiator. If you’re thinking big (and why shouldn’t you be?), you can just summon up the sun and warm everyone up. If you’re more inclined to action, a flamethrower will do the job, but you might burn down the world while you’re at it.


The Create-A-Tron is used to assemble things by placing specific items inside. Help Maxwell make a body using the Create-A-Tron!

Another easy one. To assemble your own version of Frankenstein’s monster, just create six body parts. An arm, leg, torso, head, hand, and foot will be enough. If you prefer bones to flesh, an elbow, femur, spine, skull, wrist, and ankle will work, too.


Unlock the statues in the correct order! Remember, Maxwell can interact with nearby objects by tapping on them!

The key to this one is to notice that the statues are of people of different ages–they need to be unlocked from youngest to oldest. So make and use a yellow key, green key, blue key, and red key, in that order, to restore flesh from stone.


Invaders are coming! Give the villagers weapons to make an army!

This is another fun one. You’ll need to make one of each of four kinds of defender. It’s not enough to choose four different weapons; different weapons can make the same  type of defender. There are a few weapons that don’t work, but many that do. Pick a few to make your army. A policeman is made with a gun. A warrior is made with a pitchfork, knife, spear, or axe. A martian is made with a ray gun. A sensei is made with brass knuckles, nun chucks, or shuriken. An archer is made with a bow or javelin. A staff or wand will make a wizard. And I’ll leave the rest as an exercise to the reader.

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First Impressions: Super Scribblenauts

Posted by Tracy Poff on April 9, 2011

Super Scribblenauts is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, developed by 5th Cell Media and released on 2010-10-12.

The gameplay is fairly simple: write words in Maxwell’s notebook to create objects, and use those objects to solve the puzzles. Sometimes the puzzles are simply of the ‘think of a word that fits’ variety, and sometimes they require a little more effort. I should say here that I’m not very far through the game, yet, so I suspect the later puzzles will generally be more challenging and less ‘name a part of car’.

You enter each puzzle from the constellation map screen. Having selected a constellation, you’re presented with a list of puzzles contained in that constellation; later puzzles are unlocked by completing earlier ones.

The stars with crowns are intended to be replayed: if you solve the puzzle three times in a row, each time with a different solution, the crown turns from silver to gold, as you see above. This is a pretty great feature, because a lot of the fun is in thinking of outlandish ways to solve puzzles, and the developers clearly knew this. I only wish I could see a list of my previous solutions, but that’s unfortunately unavailable. Probably, it would have been too difficult to make it meaningful–not only the selection of objects but also their placement and what you do with Maxwell can be important.

The puzzles are often amusing, even when they’re not difficult: you can kill the dinosaurs in the above screenshot in any number of ways–I particularly enjoyed using a black hole.

A surprisingly large number of objects are implemented, so feel free to let your imagination go wild. Super Scribblenauts keeps track of how many distinct objects you’ve created, and how many distinct adjectives you’ve used, too, so you can measure just how creative you are, if you’re so inclined. Personally, I’m keeping a list of my solutions for each level, just to see how many ways I can solve them.

Not all of the puzzles are particularly inspired, and some seem a bit obtuse to me, but in general, the game seems to be great fun. I definitely plan on finishing this one.

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