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First Impressions: 3D Block

Posted by Tracy Poff on September 25, 2006

A falling blocks game, which appears from the title screen to be an adult game. Is it? See inside:


I’ll answer now, to spare you any anxiety: if it’s an adult game, no one will ever know, because it’s impossible to get anything done.


It’s not too hard to rotate the shape when it’s at the top, but once it gets further down it’s nigh impossible to tell how it’s oriented. Furthermore, it’s very hard to tell at a glance what the levels below the top are like.


And what is that box on the lower right? Is it supposed to help me guide my blocks? It shows four blocks per level. There are sixteen blocks per level in truth. I don’t know how this is meant to help, but it’s about as useful as dictionary with every other letter missing–you know there’s more to it, but it doesn’t do you any good.

With all these faults, the only thing that let me complete the first level was the the blocks fall slowly–painfully slowly. You can press start to drop the block all the way, but there’s no way to move it down just a bit. When the second level comes, though, this isn’t a problem. Where the first level was far too slow, the second level is impossibly fast. The blocks fall completely in about a second, which is nowhere near enough time to orient them, much less position them accurately. So, we get this:


And the game is thankfully over.

Verdict: This game shows why 3D should not be done on an NES. The 2D Tetris games are pretty good on the NES, so if you want falling blocks, play those instead.

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First Impressions: The 3-D Battles of World Runner

Posted by Tracy Poff on September 24, 2006

Run around, avoiding the enemies, until you get to the boss. Then button mash.


It’s kind of dull, since all there is to do is move forward, at varying rates of speed, and jump. You get a rocket, which actually looks like a pink fireball when you use it, but I can’t imagine what it’s good for since any enemy you hit with the rocket wouldn’t have been there when you actually run past it, and the enemies which weren’t in your line of fire will run into you.


You have to jump over some pits as you go. Since the game doesn’t have real 3D, you can’t really tell how wide the pits are until you’re in the air, so you have to try to land in the right spot by changing speed in the air. Sometimes you have only a small area to land, so I kept overshooting or actually smacking my face on the edge of the ground and then sliding down to my death. When you finish the level you fight this centipede-thing:


That’s a picture from before the game starts, since I neglected to take a screenshot while actually fighting it. Suffice to say you fire the pink rocket-fireballs at it until it dies. I have no clue how it is intended to hurt you, since it doesn’t seem to have any rockets of its own. Or arms. Or anything.

The second level is like the first, except grey. I assume that the others follow suit. The game also has an anaglyph 3D mode, activated by pressing select. I have not yet mustered the courage to try this.

Verdict: It’s not bad, but it wouldn’t hold my attention for long.

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