Too Much Free Time

Discussion and reviews of games for NES, Intellivision, DOS, and others.

Suggested Clones

When setting up a new computer, I like to install a number of games that I like to play occasionally, but as time marches on, old versions of old games don’t always work so well on new computers. For some games, there’s no other choice but emulation or something similar to run the original game, but for others (I’m looking at you, Tetris), there are a multitude of clones readily available. Below, I intend to list a number of these games, together with suggested clones.

These suggestions will doubtless change as time passes. I’m always open to suggestions for better versions of these games, so feel free to plug your favorites.

  • Tetris: LTris on Linux, Abandoned Bricks on Windows
  • Chip’s Challenge: Tile World on Linux/Windows
  • Lightcycles games: Armagetron Advanced on Linux/Windows
  • Artillery games: Hedgewars on Linux/Windows
  • Breakout: LBreakout 2 on Linux/Windows
  • Solitaire: PySol Fan Club Edition on Linux/Windows

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