Too Much Free Time

Discussion and reviews of games for NES, Intellivision, DOS, and others.


I’m looking at old magazines for type-in games and other goodies. So far:


  1. Issue #1 (January 1984)
    • No games.
    • Features
      • The Computer as Communications Device (p. 17)
      • The Interrupt Music Maker/Editor (p. 21)
      • An Interview with Protecto’s Bill Badser (p. 24)
      • Multi-Draw 64: A Graphics Tablet (p. 37)
      • Can the 64 Crack the Peanut? (p. 39)
      • Tales of the Commodore: John von Neumann (p. 60)
      • A Peek at Memory (p. 62)
      • Programming Sequential Files (p. 67)
    • Departments
      • Editorial (p. 5)
      • Scuttlebutt (p. 9)
      • The Rupert Report (p. 44)
      • Commodares (p. 47)
      • Reviews (p. 50)
        • Astroblitz (Creative Software. C64, VIC.) (p. 50)
        • Fort Apocalypse (Synapse Software. C64.) (p. 50)
        • Keyword Cross Reference (TOTL Software. C64. NOT A GAME.) (p. 50)
        • Moondust (Creative Software. C64, VIC.) (p. 52)
        • Speed Racer (T&F Software. C64.) (p. 52)
        • Candy Bandit (T&F Software. C64.) (p. 52)
        • Mailing List and Labels (TOTL Software. C64. NOT A GAME.) (p. 53)
        • Suspended (Infocom. C64.) (p. 54)
        • Hometax (Learning Source Inc. C64. NOT A GAME.) (p. 55)
        • Cannonball Blitz (Sierra On-Line. VIC.) (p. 56)
        • Snake Byte (Sirius. C64, VIC.) (p. 57)
        • The Blade of Blackpoole (Sirius. C64.) (p. 57)
        • Repton (Sirius. C64, VIC.) (p. 58)
        • Type Attack (Sirius. C64, VIC.) (p. 58)
      • Glossary of Computer Terms (p. 70)
      • Program Listings (p. 73)
    • Ad: “VIC-20: a real computer at the price of a toy” (p. 28)
    • Ad: E.T. Fan Club (p. 91)
    • Back cover: “Learning with Leeper.” Educational software for C64, Atari, and Apple.
  2. Issue #2 (February 1984)
    1. Game: Night Attack for VIC-20, by Robert Alonso (Nova Soft).
    2. Another amusing editorial.
    3. Scuttlebutt section again contains lots of software mentions. Note “Aerobics.”
    4. Interview with Ihor Wolosenko, president of Synapse software.
    5. Reviews:
      1. Jot-A-Word (Microware Dist., Inc. C64, VIC.)
      2. Zeppelin Rescue (Computer Software (?). C64.)
      3. Protector II (Synapse Software. C64.)
      4. Space Sentinel (T&F Software. C64.)
      5. Mothership (Softsync, Inc. C64.)
      6. Shamus (Synapse Software. C64.)
      7. Save New York (Creative Software. C64.)
      8. Dancing Feats (Softsync, Inc. C64. NOT A GAME.)
      9. Seafox (Broderbund Software. C64, VIC.)
      10. Database Manager (Mirage Concepts. C64. NOT A GAME.)
      11. Comvoice (Genesis Computer Corporation. C64, VIC. HARDWARE.)
      12. The Vicontroller (Genesis Computer Corporation. C64, VIC. HARDWARE.)
      13. Fourth Encounter (Thorn EMI Video Limited. VIC.)
      14. Mutant Herd (Thorn EMI Video Limited. VIC.)
      15. Simons’ BASIC (Commodore Software. C64. NOT A GAME.)
      16. Bandits (Sirius Software. C64, VIC.)
    6. Ad: Video Sports Glove
  3. Issue #3 (March 1984)
    1. Game: Space Lanes for C64 and VIC-20 by Robert Alonso (Nova Soft)
    2. Two-page ad for Synapse games.
    3. Educational Software: a guide for parents
    4. VIC Game Buyer’s Guide
    5. Reviews:
      1. Master Type (Broderbund Software. VIC.)
      2. Buck Rogers–Planet of Zoom (Sega. C64, VIC.)
      3. Wavy Navy (Sirius Software. C64.)
      4. Enchanger (Infocom. C64.)
      5. Bible Baseball (Davka Corporation. C64.)
      6. Lode Runner (Broderbund Software. C64.)
      7. Congo Bongo (Sega. C64, VIC)
      8. Wayout (Sirius Software. C64.)
      9. Computer War (Thorn EMI Software. VIC.)
      10. DTL-BASIC 64 (Drive Technology Ltd. C64. NOT A GAME.)
      11. Analogies (PDI. C64.)
      12. Nukewar (Avalon Hill. C64, VIC.)
      13. Threshold (Sierra On-Line. C64.)
      14. Konami’s Pooyan (Datasoft Inc. C64.)
      15. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Robotron: 2084 (AtariSoft. C64, VIC.)
      16. Super-Text Professional (Muse Software. C64. NOT A GAME.)
      17. Reading Comprehension: What’s Different (PDI. C64.)
      18. Preschool IQ Builder (PDI. C64.)
      19. Rescue Squad (Muse Software. C64.)
      20. Dragonriders of Pern (Epyx. C64.)
  4. Issue #4 (April 1984)

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