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First Impressions: The Addams Family

Posted by Tracy Poff on December 8, 2006

This one is a platformer in which you play the part of Gomez Addams.

It’s actually a pretty standard platformer. Collect the treasures, avoid the enemies and spikes.

I’m not totally sure what the goal is, since I couldn’t quite work out how to exit the level, but I doubt it’s anything special. This game does seem to have rather uneven level designs. The above pictures show the usual screens: walk right and jump over the bad guys, or bounce off of their heads. On the other hand:

This is way too many spikes for a single screen. I couldn’t get through this part after a few tries, so I gave up and tried another screen.

In all, this is an average platformer with nothing special to set it off from the rest, as far as I can tell from playing the first level. Try it if you want to play every platformer ever, but otherwise the mario games are much more worthwhile.

2 Responses to “First Impressions: The Addams Family”

  1. Rowan said

    In all, this is an average platformer with nothing special to set it off from the rest

    This was made in an area when “video game” was pretty much synonymous with “platform game”, with very few exceptions, and even back in the day I found it a disappointing waste of a good license (of course, most of them are…)

    It’s hard to say what genre would have been a better fit for the subject matter. Maybe an Addams-themed Maniac Mansion?

    • Tracy Poff said

      Oh, I’d say that ‘synonymous’ is overstating it a little. There were plenty of shooters since the eighties, and, by 1991 when this game was released, a pretty good variety of other games as well. But, yes, it was very much the age of platformers.

      I’ve given some thought to what I really want out of licensed games in the past, but I’ve never come up with anything that would satisfy in general. I think I’d be pretty happy with adventure game adaptations in general–I’m hoping to get a chance to try out the Back to the Future game some time soon–but I don’t know whether that’d be the best use of the license.

      Incidentally: it’s a big surprise that you suddenly commented on my five year old game review, when I’ve just today and yesterday been going through the old ones and noting which I need to rewrite–did I do something to bring them to your attention? An odd coincidence, otherwise.

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