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First Impressions: Brickout!

Posted by Tracy Poff on September 26, 2006

A foray into other consoles with the Intellivision’s ‘Brickout!’. It’s clear just from the name that it’s a Breakout clone, but is it a good one?


Short answer: No.

It’s very simple. You get 20 lives, you move the bat along the bottom of the screen, the ball destroys the bricks it hits. This wouldn’t make it a bad game, by itself; it would only make it an overly simple one. The problem is that this game has such bad collision detection that the ball will slide through the corners of the bricks occasionally. It will get stuck in a row and take the whole row out. Not bad things, right? They make it easier, yes? They do, but I’d prefer some challenge.


But the game does provide that. Since the game is old (I suppose), its controls are somewhat lacking, and the framerate is just bad. The ball is minuscule in comparison to the bricks or the bat, so it’s not that hard to lose track of it. It’s not too clear, when the ball is moving at a shallow angle, where the ball will be when it is on a level with the bat. Now, perhaps these things are minor, and I am just bad at the game, but either way, I won’t soon play this again.

Verdict: Arkanoid is better in every way. Play it instead.

2 Responses to “First Impressions: Brickout!”

  1. Rowan said

    It’s clear just from the name that it’s a Breakout clone

    Woz’s Apple II clone of the Breakout arcade he designed in Atari during his off-hours (and for which Steve Jobs got paid a pretty packet) was called “Little Brick Out”, so while it is a derivative clone-y name, it’s still however inadvertently following in the footsteps of greatness.

  2. […] ten years ago, now, I wrote a ‘first impressions’ review of Brickout! for the Intellivision; as it happens, it’s the only Intellivision game […]

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